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Universiteit Maastricht MUSTS - NETHERLANDS
WP5 Leader

Maastricht University STS (MUSTS) is a world-leading research centre on science-technology-society relations. Within the broad field of science, technology and society studies (STS), the specific emphasis of Maastricht STS research is on “cultures of innovation”. Cultures of innovation are studied in a radically interdisciplinary way. Sociological problems are historicized; historical questions are shown to have normative dimensions; and ethical issues are studied as social phenomena. The analysis will typically move between different levels: from micro-level studies of local practices to macro-level questions of governance, policy and morality.

MUSTS is increasingly oriented towards societal and policy relevance at local, national, European and global levels—sometimes by actively engaging in such societal interventions.

Contact persons:
Wiebe E. Bijker, professor of technology & society (focus: social studies of science and technology) w.bijker@maastrichtuniversity.nl
Tsjalling Swierstra, professor of philosophy (focus: ethical and political questions related to science and technology)  t.swierstra@maastrichtuniversity.nl
MUSTS, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Maastricht University
PO Box 616, 6200 MD  MAASTRICHT, The Netherlands
Visiting address: Grote Gracht 90, Maastricht
T: +31 43 388 3321  F: 31 43 388 4917