Instytut Energetyki - IEn, Energy Research Integration Centre CENERG

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Instytut Energetyki - IEn; Energy Research Integration Centre CENERG - POLAND
WP6 Leader

The Institute of Power Engineering (IEn) is a state owned R&D centre founded in 1953. IEn is the largest institute in Poland providing research in the energy area. IEn carries out research and provides scientific support to the power industry and SMEs acting in the energy sector. IEn supports govermental agencies and other decisionmakers in establishing energy strategies and policy for Poland. IEn is a member of the Executive Committee of European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) and actively participates in the realisation of a number of EERA Joint Programmes. IEn has great experience in realisation of EU projects. Since 2000 IEn’s research gropus were partners of 26 projects.

 The Energy Research Integration Centre CENERG is a unit in the Institute of Power Engineering (Warsaw, Poland). CENERG has been established in the Institute as the FP5 Centre of Excellence -Integration Centre for Central Europe for Research in Energy from Fossil Fuels and Renewable Sources. CENERG’s activities intend to ensure the energy security of Europe and Poland and reduce the negative impact of the energy sector on environment.

Contact person:
Dr Andrzej Slawinski
IEn’s Director Representative
Head of Energy Research Integration Centre CENERG - Institute of Power Engineering (IEn)
02-981 Warsaw,  Augustowka 36, POLAND
tel: (+48-22) 3451-220 mobile: (+48) 728-938-532