Badania Systemowe EnergSys Spzoo – ENERGSYS

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Badania Systemowe EnergSys Spzoo – ENERGSYS - POLAND

The key personnel of EnergSys act as research fellows of the Energy Problems Department at the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Since 1997, they established and fully owned EnergSys Company. At the beginning, EnergSys activity focused on the national and local research of the technological and economical Polish energy system key issues incl. environmental impact, and linked to the Poland’s macroeconomic development with the use of scenario modelling approach. New social, political, legal, and financial aspects have been included.

EnergSys performs long-term energy forecasts, particularly concerning energy demand and supply issues, incl. impact on the environment and economy, and mitigation of climate change with the RES and new energy technologies implementation.