Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)

FP7 - Socio Economic Sciences and Humanities

'Socio-economic sciences and the humanities’ (SSH) is the fourth consecutive programme on socio-economic sciences and humanities since 1994. The first, "Targeted Socio-economic Research Programme", was part of the Fourth European Framework Programme for research (FP4). Subsequently, socio-economic and humanities research was funded by the FP5 action line "Improving the Socio-economic Knowledge Base". Under FP6, this type of research found a place in the "Citizens and Governance in a Knowledge-based Society" Programme.

In the current programme, which is part of the Seventh European Research Framework programme emphasis is given to the following eight areas:

  1. Growth, employment and competitiveness in a knowledge society:
    • innovation, competitiveness and labour market policies;
    • education and life-long learning;
    • economic structures and productivity.
  2. Combining economic, social and environmental objectives in a European perspective:
    • models within Europe and across the world;
    • economic and social and cohesion across regions;
    • social and economic dimensions of environmental policy.
  3. Major trends in society and their implications - demographic change, reconciling family and work, health and quality of life, youth policies, social exclusion and discrimination.
  4. Europe in the world - trade, migration, poverty, crime, conflict and resolution.
  5. The citizen in the European Union - political participation, citizenship and rights, democracy and accountability, the media, cultural diversity and heritage, religions, attitudes and values.
  6. Socio-economic and scientific indicators - the use and value of indicators in policymaking at macro and micro levels.
  7. Foresight activities - the future implications of global knowledge, migration, ageing, risk and the emerging domains in research and science.
  8. Strategic activities - including research for policy support and international cooperation.