MILESECURE-2050 Project methodology

MILESECURE-2050 takes a systematic approach combining both qualitative and quantitative methods across seven distinct workpackages.

Qualitative input will be obtained through, for example, studying previous research to provide a theoreticalbasis and conducting case studies which focus on real-world experiences. Participatory approaches will also be used to ensure that MILESECURE-2050 remains in line with expert positions and addresses relevant topics and issues potentially not recognised or underemphasised through first-hand research.

MILESECURE-2050 will then combine qualitative data inputs to build an explicit and state of the art knowledge base. In addition, the qualitative findings will be translated into direct inputs for quantitative assessments (i.e. modelling).

Finally, and external advisory board (EAB) will be used as a method to ensure scientific quality of the results.