Management Structure

MILESECURE-2050 Management structure

Project management is considered crucial to project’s success. Therefore MILESECURE-2050 has established the following Project Management Systemn to ensure that all planned activities are continuously monitored and controlled.

Project Manager (PM)

The PM has the overall leadership of the project, including the technical supervision of research activities. Prof. Patrizia Lombardi from POLITO takes the role of PM. The PM is the intermediary between the project consortium and the Commission and will be supported by the Project Administration Office at the Politecnico di Torino in the overall management.
Prof. Lombardi has previous experiences in large European Union, national and regional research projects. She has recently lead the research work developed by SiTI Research Center of POLITO inside the EU FP 7 PERFECTION project. She is currently coordinating a Marie Curie project titled UNIMetrics with Hokkaido University (Japan), Cambridge University and the Free University of Amsterdam.

Project Management Committee (PMC)

The overall strategic management of the project is based on the Project Management Committee (PMC) which is composed of one authorised Representative from each consortium partner. The PMC is the highest project authority supervising the project’s implementation. The PMC provide sthe strategic directions of the project and coordinates two main function of the project – project development and successful completion.

Steering Committee (SC - All Work package Leaders)

The Steering Committee (SC) provides the overall scientific and support actions leadership within the objectives of the EC’s SSH programme, and the project’s specific objectives. The SC includes all work package leaders (WPL). Each WPL is responsible for the work carried out within the respective WPs. Each WPL shall be responsible for the timely completion of the deliverables due from the work package and their submission to the Project Manager for validation.

External Advisory Board (EAB)

The activity of External Advisory Board assures the effective liaison with Scientific community, Public Authorities and Industry. Board participants are external to MILESECURE-2050’s and independent of its partners and have consulting tasks. The Board consists of five world-wide known scientists coming from experienced universities and research centres. They contribute to the project in a constructive critique of research development as to ensure that MILESECURE- 2050 will contribute to the scientific and knowledge society advancement in the area of sustainable development. EAB consists of:

Project Administration Office (PAO)

The Politecnico di Torino (POLITO) Interuniversity Department will be responsible for the efficient administration of the project. The PAO handles all day-to-day administrative and management functions and guarantees the efficient running of the project as well as the documentation of the achieved goals in the form of reports to the Commission.


Head, Central Unit of Environmental Affairs, New Urban Communities Authority