Concept & Objectives

MILESECURE-2050 Project scope

MILESECURE-2050 project aims to understand and overcome the political, economical and behavioural traits and trends that led Europe to its difficulties in reducing fossil fuel consumption, and in diversifying its energy balance at rates which guarantee European energy security in the next years (more specifically at the horizon 2050), reduce the threat of climate change, and diminish the risk of an energy gap in the coming decades.

MILESECURE-2050 will examine scenarios using multiple perspectives which extend to 2050. By doing so, the project will evaluate policy initiatives and their long-term impact on energy security. The 2050 timeframe is used to assess the legitimacy and efficacy of policies in terms of the capacity for societies to transition to energy security and also to consider the long-term socio-economic impact of such options.


This will be achieved by a comprehensive analysis of the barriers to more sustainable and secure consumer behaviour towards energy consumption based on surveys and field studies. This in turn will lead to suggestion on the formulation of new policies.


The MILESECURE-2050 project will pursue the following objectives:

1. Analysis of policies, trends and existing scenarios from the national to the worldwide level upon

energy security and energy transition;

2. Evaluation of concrete anticipatory experiences on energy transition at the local level;

3. Identification of both the options and factors influencing the energy transition processes and its

societal effects;

4. Development and testing of multidimensional models of interrelations between energy transition

processes factors and social/individual consumers behaviours;

5. Elaboration of a scheme for improving the governance of energy transition processes;

6. Development of a European policy guidelines and recommendations;

7. Raising awareness, promotion and dissemination of results and findings.



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