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MILESECURE-2050 project aims to understand and overcome the political, economical and behavioural traits and trends that led Europe to its difficulties in reducing fossil fuel consumption, and in diversifying its energy balance at rates which guarantee European energy security in the next years (more specifically at the horizon 2050), reduce the threat of climate change, and diminish the risk of an energy gap in the coming decades.

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Working Title: Low-carbon Energy Security from a European Perspective
Publisher: ELSEVIER
Status: forthcoming...

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LCS-RNet position statement for COP21, October 2015

Nov 16, 2015
The LSC-Rnet position statemebt for COP21 was released at the beginning of the Bonn conference (October 2015) with 217 signatories amongst which 74 IPCC lead authors of WGIII and top class economists. Perhaps more importantly, the signatories come from 48 countries from all continents and five of them were former minister in their country.
You can find the Declaration and the signatories list here: http://lcs-rnet.org/lcsrnet_meetings/2015/10/1489


LCS-RNet position statement for COP21